Switzerland: The Heavenly Paradise

A dream for about 5 years was finally brought to life in this August..

The much awaited jaunt was thoroughly planned by me and my husband. We had to travel along with our 2 kids who are farely young and it’s always a task to manage them well, when on tours. 

With lot of eagerness and exhilaration to visit my most loved country we left our home. 

Thus, began our journey.. 

The country which has one of the highest number of mountain peaks, a country with about 7000 lakes, a country with lowest crime rates, the most innovative country in the world and so many more honours to its credit.. Welcome to Switzerland🇨🇭

Zurich was the first place of our visit in Swiss. Being the largest city of the country it had its own vibe. Friendly people readily willing to help, was my first encounter with the warmth of Switzerland. 

Züri as known in Swiss German is the financial capital and has a diverse urban feel to it. Recreational joints, wide array of restaurants, ample of sports and leisure activities are a few major attractions. 

Bahnhofstrasse is a must visit place as it’s Zürich’s main downtown street. It is also one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues.

Zurich offers number of options for day excursions. We opted for the alluring Rhein Falls and the Titisee Black Forest Cuckoo clock factory tour. There are coaches which have to be pre-booked for the same, just the way we did.. Rhein falls are simply a treat to the eyes and the Drubba clock factory is an unique experience in itself as it showcases the manufacturing process and sells these one of the kinds distinctive pedulum regulated and traditionally handcrafted clocks. A serene lunch by the lakeside was an icing on the cake for us.. 

Next day dawned us into a magically beautiful journey as we headed in our self driven car to the most picturesque locales of the Alpine town of Engelberg. This is where The Mt. Titlis stands tall overlooking the serene Trübsee lake. It was indeed a beautiful day with family in the laps of Alps.. Ascending towards the peak of Titlis in a rotating gondola, trailing through the cliff walk and the Ice Flyer chairlift which sweeps you through spectacular views of the glacier. Cannot ask for more.. 

Our day ended in a most surreal way, we having a nice dinner with the most idyllic setting and with a charming view of the Titlis range from one of the sit out at our hotel. 

Awaiting us was yet another fairy land set in a valley between rocky cliffs and the magnificient Mt. Eiger Mt. Jungfrau and Mt. Monch. mountain ranges. This is how Lauterbrunnen embraces one. This place certainly swept me and has carved a niche on my mind with its never fading beauty. 

The roaring Staubbach and Trümmelbach falls just cannot be missed. Wengen and Mürren have most idyllic unmatched views for all. Timber chalets, belle époque hotels makes these places more attractive and distinct. 

Our next expedition to Jungfrau was equally fascinating. We took a train from Lauterbrunnen to the Top of Europe: Jungfraujoch.. Via Kleine Scheidegg. 

Jungfraujoch is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and also its the highest railway station in Europe. Jungfraujoch has one of the most amazing and breathtaking views of the glacier. 

The next few days treated us to the most exotic locales of Lucerne with its medieval architecture, Interlaken which is traditional resort town in Bernese Oberland. It sits on a stretch of valley encompassed with emerald coloured waters of Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. 

Mount Pilatus which has a cogwheel train is an absolutely overwhelming experience in itself. It is the steepest cogwheel railway in the world.. One more highlight at Mt Pilatus was the world’s longest summer toboggan run which slides your way down the mountains(197 foot) while sitting on a large inner tube. 

Grindelwald with its expanse of lush green grasslands amidst the Bernese Alps with surely take your breath way. 

Travelling further down we visited the mountain resort town of Zermatt which is a car free zone. Overlooking this quaint town stands the mighty Matterhorn.. The popular mountain which is the logo of the most loved choclate Toblerone.. For the best view of this mammoth mountain one has to take a train from Zermatt to Gornergrat a rocky ridge at the elevation of 3135m. The Gornergrat amazed us with the most astounding panaromic vistas of the Materhorn and the Gorner glacier. 

Drifting through the mountains we advanced towards the luxury alpine resort town of Saint Moritz. What made this voyage special was that we travelled in the much talked about and alluring Glacier Express from Zermatt to St. Moritz. 

St. Moritz is a visual retreat and is the birthplace for Alpine winter tourism. It has hosted winter Olympics twice. The St. Moritz lake when frozen acts as the areas most popular sports venues. 

Thus exploring and enjoying these alpine villages and towns with the most astonishing sights, trying our hands on the amazing local dishes, Walking through the spick and span cities and experiencing the rich cultural heritage of the country just made our trip the most memorable and cherished one.